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About me

Yá’át’ééh. Shí éí Alyssa Begay yinishyé,

‘Áshiihíí nishłį́ hashtłʼishnii bashishchiin Tábaahá dashicheii Kinyaa’áanii dashinalí Ákót’éego diné asdzáán nishłį́ Tóta’ kééhasht’į́ Toodí naashá
Hi My name is Alyssa Begay, I am Salt clan born for the Mud Clan, my maternal grandfather’s first clan is Water’s edge and my paternal grandfather’s first clan is towering house. In this way, I am a Navajo woman. I reside in Farmington but am from Mitten Rock, NM.

I am a Realtor and San Juan County resident. I am a sister, a daughter, and strive every day to be a good citizen of the world. I come from a hard working family and have chosen to build a legacy to honor my maternal grandparents last name, Bluehorse. My grandparents were/are the pride of the Mittenrock Community. It is from them I learned the value of hard work, integrity, and honesty; all of which are the pillars of my business.

I graduated from UNM with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Native American Studies. The theme of my post-education was “Rebuilding Native Nations” and doing so in an outward fashion. I wanted to apply this same concept to me and create a change in the world starting with me and Real Estate became the shiniest tool in my arsenal for this. Community is important to me and my goal is to inspire others around me to pour back into their communities.

Youtube Channel @AlyssaBegayBluehorse

Step one: Make the leap

I was heavily influenced by my late grandfather to be a good citizen of the world. Real Estate is giving me the time I need to build a legacy in the name of Bluehorse.

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Thanks for being a part of my journey and following along, as i share my perspective on Real Estate, Business, and Life. This may take us into the community or discussing market trends, tips to consumers and real estate professionals alike.

-Alyssa Begay, Bluehorse Realty NM