Farmington, New Mexico

Pinup Ghoul Contest &

Howl of a car show

A monster mash up of mid-century fashion, sass, class, and cars that go fast. The goal of this Pinup Contest is to be New Mexico’s most sensational Halloween themed event. Miss Howl of a Woman will embody a “BONEafide” attitude, class, and a boo-tiul soul.

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We are looking for lovely ladies who have a “BONEafide” attitude and a classic look to be our 2023 Miss Farmington Fall.​

WHEN: Sunday, October 29, 2023 at 12 pm

WHERE: 112 N Locke Ave, Farmington, NM 87401


Babes of all shapes, ages, sizes, colors and orientations are welcome here! This is a fun reason to get dolled up and strut your stuff in front of most boo-tiful crowd in the four corners. Be in it to win it! Prizes, local treats, and the title of Miss Howl of a Woman 2023 are waiting for you!

Participants will be judged on authenticity, originality, stage presence and crowd participation. Participants are encouraged to interact with the crowd during and around the time of the competition.

Entrants must be at least 18 years old to compete. The theme is Halloween, but please keep it classy; no nudity or bikinis.

$10 to enter. Please come to the sign in booth anytime before 11:30 on Sunday, October 29. Please bring CASH with you when you sign in the day of the competition. Early entries will be guaranteed a spot in the competition. We will cap our pageant at 15 beauties.

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Pinup Ghoul Contest

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By participating in this event in any capacity to include but not limited to showing at, participating in, purchasing items from, or attending the Car Show is at your own risk; You knowingly and willingly do so at your own risk. Bluehorse Realty NM, J & S Car Show, or Locke St. Eats , It’s members, event coordinator(s), agents, officers, officials, and volunteers, all sponsors and vendors as well as the City of Farmington including its departments, its agents, officers, elected and appointed officials, and volunteers will not be held liable for damages, loss of property, or injury of any degree. By attending the event you agree to NOT hold any of the named or anyone else associated with the event liable for any damage, loss, injury, or anything else you, your property, or your guests may sustain or incur by participating in, or attending this event or any related event. Please make sure your vehicle is properly insured and you obey all traffic laws on your way to, from, and when on the show grounds. Drive slowly and safely when entering, parking, and exiting the event area/runway at the Locke St. Eats. Be respectful of others attending the event, park patrons, event staff and the surrounding neighbors. Ensure if you have any type of awning, tent or umbrella you ensure it is properly secured in the event of sudden weather/wind. We ask you to use your best judgement and think safety first. If it is windy please do not put up awnings, tents, umbrellas, folding chairs, or any other device or apparatus that could potentially fall, fly, or be blown over and possibly injure someone or damage property. We request that all vehicles stay in place until 2.00 pm, NO burn outs, illegal substances, loud music, racing, or reckless driving or behavior will be permitted or allowed at the event. Please enjoy the day and THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! If you see an unsafe condition or notice any type of potential problem, notify event staff immediately. All vehicles and vendors must have current registration and insurance and be operated by a valid licensed individual.